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Sickness and Sin: Connecting the Dots

For some, tragedy occurs as a result of personal sin. They see someone in a disastrous situation and they immediately attribute it to some fault, sin, or disobedience to God in the person’s life. Sometimes they connect the dots with … Continue reading

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Inspiration from a Wheel-Chair

Yesterday afternoon I took my regular walk for exercise of 40+ minutes around my neighborhood. Because of my recent sore throat, I’ve missed my walks, so I felt pleased to once again get the exercise I need. On my way … Continue reading

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Reflections On Life for the New Year

“If we didn’t die,” my doctor friend said, “we’d never do anything!” He served for decades as an OB/Gyn in the Republic of the Congo. “Think about it,” he went on. “If we never died, we’d just lay around on … Continue reading

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