A Christmas Story II

Armed_villagers_taking_hostages_-_Google_Search[Note: This story is true. I have changed or omitted names, places, and details to protect the lives of innocent people. To understand the significance of this story, read Part I first.]

“What Do You Think?”

“What do you think of what we’ve done to you today?” a D group member asked Betty.

“I feel really sad to see how this country has deteriorated into fighting. So many people die, some in horrible ways. I know God loves each person He created. He cries, too, each time someone falls in battle. It doesn’t matter what side they’re on, even your young soldiers who died this morning. I am a Christian. The Jesus I love and serve, when He was pinned to the cross, looked down on His captors and said, ‘Forgive them’. He could have spoken words of hate, or sent an army, but He didn’t. God calls me His child and asks me to follow Him. In following Jesus’ example, I love each of you just as Jesus loves you.”

All Ears

Betty, speaking in their native language, suddenly became aware of the other soldiers listening. “I am a nurse,” she continued. “We treat everyone, no matter what group they are. My job as a nurse is not to kill, but to heal.”

The discussion turned to the rightness of the D cause. “I am here to investigate human rights violations,” one of the other women said, “when one of your leaders went missing.” That news created a bond! “Team C will also be investigating.” Slowly, in the minds of their captors, this group became less of a threat. When this woman read a report on the disappearances, they recognized the names of those missing–all people they knew!

Eventually, after communication between their leaders and others outside (remember the cell phones) the leaders allowed all those captured to leave. “It was weird,” says Betty,” but all of a sudden were were considered friends!”

Hearing God’s Voice

But just before leaving, Betty had one request of the D soldiers: “Please come here . . . ” she called out. “Lord, I pray for these men and their country. I pray that You, Lord, will help peace to return and that these men will hear Your voice and understand Your love for them.”

How is this a Christmas story? Jesus’ love can touch even the hardest heart, and provide His followers a message of forgiving love even in the most dangerous of times. That’s the reason for Jesus’ birth. Will you carry Betty’s Christmas message of Jesus’ love into your world in 2015?

About Grose

Gordon Grose loves most to write, speak, and preach on the message of hope from the book of Job. Using drama, video, and PowerPoint, he has preached and presented this message of hope to churches around the country. Grose pastored three congregations 25 years, then served 12 years as a pastoral counselor in a Portland, Oregon counseling clinic. He now serves with Good Samaritan Counseling Services, Beaverton, OR. A graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and Boston University, he comes from a rich and varied background in theological and counseling training. In 2015, Gordon published Tragedy Transformed: How Job's Recovery Can Provide Hope For Yours, a book about turning to Job for hope after tragedy. If you have experienced life challenges or personal tragedy, visit his Transforming Tragedy (gordongrose.com) blog to learn more. TragedyTransformed.com provides a sample of Gordon's speaking as well as an opportunity to purchase copies of his book.
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