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What Gives Us Hope?

One of my friend’s children ended his life this week. After I called my friend to talk with him, to offer my sympathy, and to pray with him for his comfort and that of his family, I thought about what … Continue reading

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Ways to Deal with Our Mortality

At the memorial service for our former pastor this week, one of his fellow-chaplains explained how he faced his terminal illness. Each Thursday he visited patients in the ICU unit of our local hospital. The critically ill could talk with him, because … Continue reading

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The Crisis of Death

One of my church friends died this week. The former pastor of our congregation, he and his wife settled comfortably into a pew and allowed future pastors to minister to him. Such arrangements often don’t work, but this one did. … Continue reading

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“What Did I Do to Deserve This?”

In tragedy, one question tends to haunt us: What did I do to deserve this? It’s irrational: We know we didn’t do anything bad, wrong, or sinful, but we still ask ourselves that question. If we gave birth to a … Continue reading

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How God Transforms Tragedy (IV)

That God speaks transforms tragedy. Tragedy makes life difficult for us: the loss, the grief, the frustration all take a toll. Perhaps the most difficult part is the seeming pointlessness. Add in our loneliness, not only isolation from others, but … Continue reading

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