Through teaching and preaching on the transformation of Job’s tragedy, Gordon
ministers to hurting people. He has spoken to hundreds in churches in New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Washington, and Oregon. Using drama, video, and
PowerPoint, Gordon presents Job’s story as a model of hope for hurting people
today. He also shares details of his own struggle with the chronic illness of his son
and daughter-in-law.

What attendees appreciated:

  • The overview of Job & how it relates to our life today.
  • The presenter’s connection to the audience got us involved.
  • Its honesty.
  • It’s a subject we all struggle with.
  • The ease of application to my situation.
  • The way people were given opportunities to share in larger and smaller
  • groups; mixing and sharing was truly anointed.
  • Continuing to make information practical and useful.
  • Learning more about how to be a good listener.
  • The importance of our role (of comfort) in the suffering of others.
  • Q & A feedback from the group.
  • Well-done. You knew your subject well.

One pastor said of this presentation:

Dr. Gordon Grose provides insights into the suffering and struggles of Job. The workshop gives practical help for suffering and loss in our lives today. Because loss and times of suffering are inevitable experiences of life, this workshop serves to equip us in the process of recovery and healing. The workshop was a good experience in our church. I recommend Dr. Grose and this helpful workshop for instruction and encouragement in the difficult times of life.

~ Pastor John Aman, First Baptist Church Oregon City, OR

To invite Gordon to your church, contact
Gordon S. Grose, Ph.D.
Writer, Speaker & Messenger of Hope

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  1. Lelani Grose says:


    I came and visited your website tonight. The way the blog was delivered about Job, was so right on. It showed people how things that happened 2,000 yrs. or so ago, are still relevant to any society, anywhere.

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