Gordon Grose, lives, writes and speaks from Portland, Oregon. For 25 years he pastored three congregations in Boston, MA, Rio Vista, CA, and Cortland, NY. He also  served as a pastoral counselor at Western Psychological and Counseling Services, P.C., for 11 years and now volunteers at Good Samaritan Ministries, Beaverton, OR, in that same capacity.

While walking with people in seasons of tragedy, including a family member living with a chronic illness, Gordon learned to draw deep inspiration from the Biblical story of Job. His first book, Tragedy Transformed, was published by Believers Press in 2015. A graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and Boston University, Gordon also writes for The Upper RoomBible Advocate and Christianity Today online.

Gordon and his wife Elaine married in 1960 and are blessed with four adult children, eight grandchildren, and a growing quiver of great grandchildren.

Gordon S. Grose, Ph.D.
Writer, Speaker & Messenger of Hope

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    I apologize for how long it is taking on my part for the two of us to get together. I will be away all next week to NC but will be back in the saddle after that. I will not be able to attend ABCO in CA. Call or email me when it is convenient for you.

    Shane Kinnison
    Gresham FBC

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