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What to Say to Someone in Grief

When someone we know loses a loved one, we often don’t know what to say. In order to say something meaningful, we dream up (think up) what we think is appropriate. Unfortunately, we can say something that, to the person … Continue reading

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Watch for Gordon’s new post next week.

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Why do People Change the Subject from Grief and Loss?

Recently a woman whose son in his mid-20’s died. In her lengthy blogs, she complains about some people in her life who didn’t want to hear her grief. Her son’s death was recent, within the month; he also had an … Continue reading

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Recovering our Lost Sanity – and Mission

If you love books the way I do, you’ll feel excited to read of the many top titles produced in the past year. The recent issue of Christianity Today (January/February 2014, pp. 44-46) lists a number of significant titles on which … Continue reading

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How to Have that Happy New Year!

How can you enjoy a truly happy new year? What would give you that sense of satisfaction you crave? How can you achieve that goal, take that step, or make that one change you know you need to make? If … Continue reading

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