A Blog on Transforming Tragedy

Welcome to the weekly blog focused on sharing tragedies, their transformation, and how God’s word, especially the book of Job, provides hope.

I want this to be a safe place where we can share stories of people whose lives have been shaken by some disaster or other, natural, man-made, even self-inflicted. Headline after headline highlight the tragedies someone somewhere faces right now: nuclear meltdown, earthquake, floods, tornadoes, violence, missing persons, including children, etc. The list is endless, updated daily on our websites and in our newscasts and papers. Feel free to submit a short summary of what’s happened to you and what you learned.

I want, however, to go beyond our sorrow and pain to share how we’ve coped, redeemed, and transformed what we’ve been through. I want us to encourage each other through the ordeals, sooner or later, we all face. How have time, your circumstances, and/or God brought about changes to make your life better now? How have you discovered your tragedy transformed?

Next week I’ll explore the third dimension of this blog, what a “Friend of Job” means.

About Grose

Gordon Grose loves most to write, speak, and preach on the message of hope from the book of Job. Using drama, video, and PowerPoint, he has preached and presented this message of hope to churches around the country. Grose pastored three congregations 25 years, then served 12 years as a pastoral counselor in a Portland, Oregon counseling clinic. He now serves with Good Samaritan Counseling Services, Beaverton, OR. A graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and Boston University, he comes from a rich and varied background in theological and counseling training. In 2015, Gordon published Tragedy Transformed: How Job's Recovery Can Provide Hope For Yours, a book about turning to Job for hope after tragedy. If you have experienced life challenges or personal tragedy, visit his Transforming Tragedy (gordongrose.com) blog to learn more. TragedyTransformed.com provides a sample of Gordon's speaking as well as an opportunity to purchase copies of his book.
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