Why Doesn’t God Tell Job, “You Passed”?

A couple of weeks ago our seven-year-old grandson and I listened to a radio speaker. Dinesh D’Souza asked a question which struck a note with our grandson. He had read Job’s story in his Bible story book, so he knew the plot.

“Why didn’t God just tell Job, ‘It was a test, and you passed,'”? he wanted to know. “That’s a good question,” I said. I admit I didn’t have a ready answer. I also wanted him to think about his answer. A lot of questions about Job puzzle us. This is one of them.

If only we could make sense out of life at times. In spite of adversity, if only God would somehow personally let us know we’re on the right track, it might reassure us. It might encourage us to go on. We’d feel relieved.

I’ve thought about that question since. I’ve got some ideas, but I wonder if you have any thoughts. If so, I’d like to hear from you. Take your time. Think about it. Read Godforsaken: Bad Things Happen. Is There A God Who Cares?, D’Souza’s new book (Tyndale, 2012). He may give his answer there, but I’m more interested in yours.

What’s your answer?

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Gordon Grose loves most to write, speak, and preach on the message of hope from the book of Job. Using drama, video, and PowerPoint, he has preached and presented this message of hope to churches around the country. Grose pastored three congregations 25 years, then served 12 years as a pastoral counselor in a Portland, Oregon counseling clinic. He now serves with Good Samaritan Counseling Services, Beaverton, OR. A graduate of Wheaton College (IL), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Brandeis University, and Boston University, he comes from a rich and varied background in theological and counseling training. In 2015, Gordon published Tragedy Transformed: How Job's Recovery Can Provide Hope For Yours, a book about turning to Job for hope after tragedy. If you have experienced life challenges or personal tragedy, visit his Transforming Tragedy (gordongrose.com) blog to learn more. TragedyTransformed.com provides a sample of Gordon's speaking as well as an opportunity to purchase copies of his book.
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